Anita May Rosenstein Campus

The Center’s Anita May Rosenstein Campus will enable greatly expanded services for LGBT youth and seniors. It will more provide more than a hundred emergency and transitional housing beds (Phase II, completed by mid-2020, will add 24 apartment units) and wraparound services for homeless youth, as well as increased educational and employment programs and opportunities for all LGBT youth. For LGBT seniors, the campus will provide 99 units of affordable housing (in Phase II) as well as health, wellness, educational and recreational services offered in a state-of-the-art senior center.

The new Campus is the product of more than a decade of dreams and hard work. It represents the aspirations and commitment of a community that has historically faced discrimination, violence and marginalization. It will not only provide critical services to the most vulnerable members of the community, it will serve as an iconic symbol of the LGBT community’s resilience and creativity and serve as a beacon to those who need courage and hope, and a rejoinder to those who would seek to reverse our community’s historic progress.